WI BREF – Flue gas mercury monitoring in practice - Webinar

WI BREF-mercury-webinar_v2

In this webinar, you will learn why mercury emissions are required to be monitored continuously at waste incinerator installations and how it is done in practice. Register for the webinar to hear how this affects you and how to be prepared before changes take effect in 2023 even in the older installations.

Webinar agenda:

  • WI BREF 2019
  • Flue gas mercury monitoring requirements
  • Continuous mercury monitoring – what to take into account
  • Gasmet Introduction
  • Q&A

Gasmet's Product Manager Jyrki Korpela and Product Engineer Stefania Aspholm will talk you through the world of WI-BREF, BAT-AELs, and everything you need to know about monitoring mercury emissions. So register today and mark your calendars to be ready on 29th September, 10 am CET!