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Solutions Promoting Occupational Safety

Many people are subject to dangerous working conditions due to toxic gas components in various industries. First responders, laboratory personnel and dock workers are amongst people encountering various compounds and situations that might present high risks to safety. Our goal is to create safety in people’s working and living environments. We develop and provide technology that can greatly help in reducing dangerous situations and even fatalities. Our portable multigas analyzer, GT5000 Terra, is a perfect tool for a variety of different safety applications, which we go through further on the page.

Container Gas Monitoring

Shipping containers might contain toxic gases that present health hazards for workers opening or unloading them. Gases like Phosphine and Sulfuryl Fluoride are used to control the spread of pests and micro-organisms by the fumigation process.  Additionally, products shipped in containers may release VOCs like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, styrene, and other hazardous compounds. Often it is not known beforehand what gases container might release once opened. That is why analyzer, that can measure a variety of gases simultaneously is paramount.

We offer gas analyzer, GT5000 Terra which introduces significant time- and cost savings compared to traditional handheld detectors and test tubes. Using a multigas analyzer gives an ability to test for a variety of gases in mere minutes, which lowers the time needed for single container inspection. This in turn increases the number of containers that can be examined per day.

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Industrial Hygiene

Indoor air quality can be affected by many factors, such as gases, particulates, and microbial contaminants. Gases such as carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can have short- or long-term adverse health effects on the people, for example in laboratories or production rooms. Therefore, monitoring and analysis of indoor air is important for assessing these potential health impacts.

With gas analyzers like GT5000 Terra, it is possible to measure 50 gas components simultaneously and there is no need for separate sampling. This offers huge time savings, as results can be viewed immediately.  Avoiding separate sampling is also cost-effective as no consumables are required for the sampling process. Being able to analyze samples later for any unknown components from our vast sample library helps to identify and quantify all possible threats.

First response

Accidents involving chemicals and other hazardous materials (HAZMAT) require fast and accurate gas measurements as part of the first response.

As it is not always possible to know beforehand what you may encounter in HAZMAT situations, there is a need for both identification as well as quantification of gases. Having the best available technology at hand for that purpose is like life insurance to ensure everyone’s safety.

Situations often require quick assessment, and that's why traditional sampling of unknows and analyzing them in the laboratory is too time-consuming and expensive process. A portable gas analyzer GT5000 Terra can give laboratory-grade results from variety of known and unknown components, right there when situations need it. This helps first responders make informed decisions on the field.

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