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Here you can find all the information you crave about our solutions for greenhouse gas measurements. We have videos, webinars, and a variety of downloadable materials, such as brochures and product datasheets. You can also meet our experts in the videos or contact them further on the page.

Reliable GHG measurements with Gasmet

We manufacture solutions that can help protect the environment. As a high tech company, we know the power of technology and believe that our solutions can help change the direction of global warming. To support climate change research and help mitigate threats for the environment, we manufacture portable gas analyzers for measuring and monitoring greenhouse gases.

You can find our analyzers everywhere in the world, all the way from the Arctic and to the Amazon. Researchers all around the globe understand the benefit of using our solutions to help their work. Every unit sold contributes to an enhanced understanding of global GHG balance and can support achieving lower emissions in the future.

GT5000 Terra is the world’s smallest, portable and splashproof multigas FTIR  analyzer. It's also lightweight (9.4 kg), splashproof (IP54 rated) and battery-powered providing unmatched portability for such a powerful analyzer. Designed for demanding on-field use, the GT5000 Terra is the perfect tool for a wide variety of applications and uses cases. 

DX4015 is a portable FTIR gas analyzer for ambient air analysis. The analyzer's sample cell is heated to 50 °C, which allows measurements to be done in conditions where high humidity is expected and provides temperature stability in changing conditions.

Both analyzers include a high sensitivity sample cell for the lowest possible detection limits and a built-in-pump, which means that there is no need to use a separate sampling system. You can read more from the downloadable brochures and datasheets below.

Videos and webinars

Quick Guide for Greenhouse Gas Soil Flux Measurements 

Setting up gas analyzer and automated chamber system 

Taking GHG flux measurements

How to Use GT5000 Terra gas analyzer


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