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Who we are

We are a technology group from Finland, founded in 1990, that designs and manufactures world-class solutions of gas analyzers and emission monitoring systems to measure gaseous emissions from industrial processes, gases released from natural sources into the atmosphere, and gases present in working environments. Our group consists of a parent company and five subsidiaries located abroad. In total, we have over 120 personnel and have delivered over 6000 FTIR analyzers worldwide.

We are also part of the Nederman Group, where we stand under the Monitoring & Control Technology division with NEO Monitors and Auburn FilterSense.

Why we exist

We realize our key role in the efforts of reducing industrial emissions, protecting the environment and promoting occupational health. We take pride in delivering what we promise through cutting-edge technology and our internationally high-quality expertise. Our vision is firmly set on the future – a world of fewer emissions that we collectively strive for. Society’s challenges are also our challenges.

We do this because we can.

What we are proud of

We are proud to say that we have delivered over 6000 FTIR analyzers worldwide. It is the biggest number of FTIR gas analyzers ever delivered for industrial and on-site applications. Our products can be found everywhere in the world, all the way from the Arctic to the Amazon. Every unit sold helps our customers achieve their goals, whether it’s compliance with emissions regulations, improved safety of employees, or increased understanding of the global GHG balance.

We are fully committed as a company to taking part in global efforts to mitigate climate change and preserve nature. Read more about our sustainability strategy.


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