Download Integration Instructions - Gasmet x Eosense


Automated multi-species flux measurements with eosAC and Gasmet Portable FTIR Gas Analyzers

This application note provides simplified setup instructions for using the eosMX multiplexer and eosAC soil flux chambers with the Gasmet DX4040 and DX4015 Portable FTIR Gas Analyzers. This combined system allows the user to collect multi-species soil gas flux measurements from up to 12 locations at once. 

This document includes for example the following information:

  1. Connecting eosAC to Gasmet DX4015
  2. Connecting eosMX with eosACs
  3. Configuring and integrating Calcmet software with eosAC chambers
  4. Scheduling chamber measurements
  5. Calculating flux measurements
  6. Soil plot testing example


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